Why USHA started its Journey?

USHA has evolved into a manufacturer of international quality lifestyle and household leather and terracotta products for a global clientele, since its establishment in 1997. It has been creating income opportunities for erstwhile unskilled women belonging to landless and marginal, i.e. poor households.

USHA is a socially committed craft production and marketing organization which also invest substantially in training to augment the skill of its producer partners.



Through our many years working with the best artisans of the country, we can build products that suit a wide range of needs and tastes. USHA stands apart from competitors with our ability to offer an extensive product line.


Ranging from the most lavish handbags and office-bags to belts, handbags, wallets, and other small leather goods, we pride ourselves on our 'Can Do' attitude when it comes to products that require a high level of skill and artistry.  We recognize that our success is a direct result of our team of craftsmen and women, each possessing an enthusiasm and pride in his or her work, exemplified in the exquisite goods we manufacture.

Our Team